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Take the “Daymaker” Challenge!

Posted by ImageFIRST on Nov 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Jay Juffre, our National Service Director, recently told a personal story that has made a lasting impact around ImageFIRST Portland, and inspired us to come up with a fun challenge that doesn’t let us forget about the value of the little things in life.

Jay is from Florida—a state with toll roads—and when his kids were younger, they would play a fun game during trips down the highway: Pull up to the toll worker, give them the $1.50 fare, and say, “And here’s another $1.50 to cover our friends in the next car back!”

Then, they’d pull off and watch in the rear view mirror as the following driver’s face would quickly turn from bewildered to happy. Finally, the driver would speed up to give Jay and his kids a big wave and smile.

It was a simple little gesture, but it was sure to make that person’s day.

To us, the idea of being a “daymaker” is a powerful and important one. As a top healthcare linen service service in Salem, OR and beyond, we work with organizations and people whose patients regularly depend on them to be “lifemakers.” Whether it’s a doctor who catches something before it’s too late at a screening, a hospice nurse simply doing his or her part to make someone feel comfortable or anything else in between, we applaud the healthcare workers who selflessly provide care. It’s a difficult yet noble responsibility to undertake, and you’ve inspired us to follow your lead!

With that said, we’re challenging ImageFIRST Portland staff members to strive to be constant “daymakers,” and we encourage YOU to participate!

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Do something little to make a person’s day. It doesn’t have to be much; help an elderly person carry his or her groceries, pay for someone’s toll, smile at a passerby who looks a little down. We have faith in your creativity!
  2. Log your deeds in a daily journal. Write something quick down - what you did, how the person reacted, the impact it had, how it made you feel, etc.
  3. Share your deeds with others! Post on your social media page and tell the world!
  4. If you’re a healthcare worker, try to apply this challenge to your patients. How can you go the extra mile to make them feel as well-cared for as possible? But don’t stop yourself from carrying the game on in your personal life.

At ImageFIRST Portland, we’re more than just a medical linen service that supports Salem, OR and surrounding areas. We’re daymakers! So join us in the movement to make life more compassionate, one day at a time. What are you waiting for? Go make someone’s day!