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Prioritize the Patient Experience with High-Quality, Infection-Compliant Medical Laundry Services

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 4, 2015 3:17:27 PM

Put yourself in your patient’s shoes. If you were receiving care or treatment at a medical facility and the healthcare professionals provided you with linens and garments that lacked in color, looked worn and felt uncomfortable, what would you think? A thought that might surface may be that the healthcare facility doesn’t focus on the quality of care for their patients. To keep patients coming back to your healthcare facility for treatment, patient satisfaction must be achieved. As more and more healthcare centers recognize the importance of positive patient perception, the movement to improve patient experience is on the rise.

Patient Experience is Trending


According to the 2015 State of Patient Experience Report by the Beryl Institute, the engagement of patient and family voice has increased in the healthcare industry in the last couple years through practices that include establishing a Patient Advisory Committee, conducting bedside surveys for feedback and interviewing families and patients about their experience. To address the patient experience, healthcare facilities are also putting their focus on enhancing the service, communication, rounding, employee engagement and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) of their operations.


Quality Laundry Resources Can Enhance Patient Perception

It is evident that progress has been made towards prioritizing the patient experience and improving patient satisfaction. Even enhancing resources such as laundry care services can have an impact on the patient’s perception. At ImageFIRST Portland, we are devoted to being a cost effective solution for improving patient satisfaction by providing high quality products and stellar services. We even offer the Plush Promise:  if switching to our Comfort Care premium patient products doesn’t improve patients’ perception of your facility by 50% compared to your previous patient garments, we promise to give you one free month of service! These gowns and robes are exceptionally soft, warm and stylish in appearance.

blog-portland-oct2The Comfort Care Line Can Increase Positive Impressions

We have already helped turn the patient perception around at many healthcare facilities, including one in particular, located in Georgia – the Eastside Medical Center. The hospital corporation of America decided to give the Comfort Care line a try after realizing that their medical garments were not up to par. They made the change at their two outpatient facilities and found that the impression of their patients was immediately impacted. Surveys showed that patients had a more positive perception of the medical centers after wearing the apparel from the luxurious Comfort Care line.


Just like the healthcare facilities that we serve, we also prioritize the customer experience with our topnotch, unique rental, delivery and cleaning services. Everything we do for our customers is so that they can give their patients a great experience, like providing robes and gowns that promote the feeling of comfort, importance and care. If you really want to walk in your patient’s shoes, try on one of our Comfort Care gowns for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.