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Nurse Engagement: Why Practicing Gratefulness Matters

Posted by ImageFIRST on Nov 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The year is winding down and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. As we get closer to the holidays, it can become easy to forget to express gratitude for others as well as ourselves. But actively practicing gratefulness can reduce stress, along with producing additional benefits for both your professional and personal life.

At ImageFIRST, we do more than just offer healthcare uniforms in Portland, OR, and throughout the nation - we also offer professionals like you insights on how to keep your patients happy. Today, we’ll talk about the impact gratitude has on your staff, and, in turn, your patients:

Practicing Gratitude Reduces Your Stress Levels

Psychologists agree that when you mindfully practice gratitude throughout your day in as many instances as possible, your overall stress levels decline.

This is primarily due to the way that positive engagement can affect your mood, productivity, and even physical health. The importance of practicing gratefulness applies to all people, but is particularly beneficial to those in the medical field, who work in innately stressful environments. But that’s not all - according to Martie Moore, chief nursing officer of Medline Industries, Inc., creating an “attitude of gratitude” among your staff can also help to build staff engagement.

Empower Your Team By Empowering Yourself

Before you can expect to see any types of results from your staff, it is vitally important for you to begin engaging in gratitude.

Mindfully practicing gratefulness not only makes you better on a personal and professional level, but it is also the first step in helping your staff reach their full potential. The best way to command respect and engagement from your team is to lead by example.

Gratitude Breeds Staff Engagement

Staff engagement, particularly nurse engagement, has an enormous impact on patient health, according to Moore. When you begin to exude gratefulness toward your staff and anyone else you may encounter in the medical field, you will experience the difference in engagement almost immediately.

Being mindfully appreciative and grateful to your nursing staff is the first step to seeing them reciprocate toward both you and the patients. By developing an environment where the value of gratitude is emphasized, the results will follow. Your nursing staff will be happier to be there, more motivated, and more committed to the job itself.

Thank your staff for all of the hard work they do, and while you’re at it - thank yourself. That is all it takes to make the first step toward a happier and more highly functioning work environment.

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