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Make Sure Your Laundry Practices Are Part of Your Infection Prevention Plan!

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 10, 2016 10:50:24 AM

Here at ImageFIRST, you’ll find that our rental, laundry and delivery services for medical linen products such as healthcare bed supplies in Portland, OR, are much different from other providers. We’re not the average Joe when it comes to medical laundry – and we have Violet, the purple cow, as our mascot to show for it. If you were to spot a real purple cow, it would be a remarkable sight to see. That same concept defines our medical laundry practices in more ways than one.

Our laundry services cater to the medical industry specifically, and our customers and their patients are our highest priority. We know that the practices of medical laundry should coincide with a solid Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) prevention plan. It is amazing how many laundry providers do not realize how important it is—but that’s far from the case at ImageFIRST.

To protect visitors, staff and patients from pathogens, an effective prevention plan is essential. If laundry practices have not been factored into your infection prevention plan, it is far from being complete. On our website, we have a downloadable free guide available for healthcare facilities titled “3 Questions To Determine If Your Infection Prevention Plan Is Complete”. It is designed to help determine how your medical facility should be regulating its linens for an HAI plan against harmful bacteria.

The guide allows healthcare facilities to evaluate their medical laundry system in place by considering aspects such as inventory management, how linens, gowns, and garments are stored and sanitization practices. Aspects such as these dictate the effectiveness of your infection prevention strategy. Pathogens are constantly infiltrating healthcare facilities, putting all those exposed at risk. If your facility lacks a proactive approach to inventory management and linen sanitization, the laundry may be perpetuating the spread of infectious pathogens.

So, let us help you! We believe that your vendors should be a partner in bringing you effective solutions. As a dedicated supplier of products such as medical uniforms and scrubs in Hillsboro, OR, we put patients at the heart of what we do – especially when it comes to upholding sanitization standards. In fact, our laundry practices exceed the healthcare industry’s infection prevention standards.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with affordable solutions for quality laundry practices, as well as inventory management that helps solidify an effective infection prevention plan. Preventing HAIs is a team effort!