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ImageFIRST Los Angeles Brings Holiday Cheer to Grant Elementary School

Posted by ImageFIRST on Feb 1, 2017 11:19:20 AM

The healthcare industry knows ImageFIRST for the medical linen services we provide in Salem, OR, and in facilities throughout the state, but did you know that we are also leaders in community service? We’ve always maintained that one of the keystones of our business is to go above and beyond for our community. Each quarter, all ImageFIRST locations—Portland included—participates in a community service event.

We want to highlight our sister location, ImageFIRST Los Angeles, who we are very proud of. Last quarter, during the holiday season, they participated in a toy drive and raised thousands of dollars for underprivileged children at a local elementary school.

The details: Our Los Angeles location decided that they wanted to do a toy drive as their quarterly service project, and had the idea of donating toys to every child at a elementary school with a high poverty rate. They chose Grant Elementary School in Long Beach, CA, where many of the parents have to decide between buying gifts for their children and putting food on the table.

Before the drive, the school’s principal joined ImageFIRST associates at their weekly huddle and expressed his gratitude. The morning of the drive, associates went out to purchase toys. Afterwards, about 35 associates, along with their friends and family, attended the drive. In all, $5,500 was raised by associates with an additional company match, totaling $11,000 for the Grant Elementary School.

According to the principal, the children were very grateful for ImageFIRST’s donation. For the children of Grant Elementary, many of whom come from low-income families, the holidays can be a tough time, as their parents can’t afford to purchase presents. By holding a toy drive, ImageFIRST Los Angeles was able to make a school full of deserving kids experience a cheerful holiday season.

Thank you for inspiring us: Congratulations ImageFIRST Los Angeles! We’re proud to work alongside you, and you inspire us to go the extra mile for our own community. We’re proud to be medical scrub suppliers in Beaverton, OR, but we’re equally as proud to do all we can to help our community. We look forward to our community service work in 2017.