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FAQ: The Importance of Culture Building

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Here to help your company grow its culture and improve employee engagement, ImageFIRST has answered some popular questions on the importance of culture building within a company. Providing hospital scrubs in Albany, OR is just one of the many things our company prides itself on. We also have a thriving work culture driven by our team of dedicated associates.

  1. Why is Culture Building Important?

There is a substantial correlation between employee engagement and overall company performance. According to a Gallup article entitled "How Employee Engagement Drives Growth" by Susan Sorenson, workplaces that scored well in employee engagement nearly doubled their chances of success compared to those who didn't. Performance outcomes increase when employees feel closer to their coworkers and more actively involved in the company itself.

  1. What Industries are Impacted by Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is apparent in all industries, but none so more than in the healthcare industry. As a national medical linen and laundry service provider, ImageFIRST works closely with healthcare professionals to help patients feel comfortable while they are receiving care. The pressure that many nurses feel, for example, is a leading cause of mortality in many patients. According to Gallup's study of two-hundred hospitals and their resulting article entitled "Nurse Engagement Key to Reducing Medical Errors", nurse engagement is one of the biggest correlating factors with medical errors leading to patient deaths.

  1. How is Employee Engagement Tied to Culture Building?

Culture building is a foundational piece of employee engagement; this means that you need to define your culture before tackling employee engagement. They are interconnected. To better your employee engagement, you must first determine your culture and build it.

  1. How Do I Define My Company's Culture?

Does your company have your culture spelled out and posted visibly in the office? If not, you need to start there.

Companies used to have neatly printed mission statements and vision statements posted in their offices for employees to read during their break time. Those days have passed, but organizations are spending more time than ever on their purpose, their values, and their commitment to people.

Who do you want your company to be? What are the attributes that define your company? Are you serious, fun, or focused? How do you want people to feel about your company? Passionate? Safe? Focus your company's vision to define your culture.

  1. My Company Has Many Aspects, Do I Have to Narrow Them Down?

Yes. You cannot be everything to everyone. If your company is a bank, then you probably want to portray a serious and trustworthy culture. If your company is a toy manufacturer, you probably won’t want to take a serious route and lean towards something more light-hearted.

  1. How Do I Bring My Culture to Life?

The first step is printing, posting, and making your culture public. After that, you need to hold someone accountable to drive ongoing activities. They will need to set time aside daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to discuss or reinforce your company’s culture with your employees. This can be done as a whole company, or within teams. It is a mix of formalized ongoing programs and recognition, along with setting aside time for fun activities that really works in establishing a company culture.

You should have daily or weekly huddles (discussions), recognition programs that highlight individuals who exhibit the purpose and values of your company, team-building activities (like community giving opportunities for associates), celebrations (like birthdays, work anniversaries, bowling nights) and more. Lastly, you will need to track these activities and make them public.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Build Culture?

Excellent work culture isn’t accomplished overnight; it takes hard work and time. With discipline and intent, any organization can drive improvements.

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